New LHHATL cast member Melissa Scott makes a power move for Season 6

Who is Melissa Scott? DJ M 1

The newest member of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 6 cast has already positioned herself near one of the show’s biggest power centers before the first episode has even dropped. Just who is Melissa Scott? DJ M, as she’s known when working the turntables at her club, is a member of Mimi Faust’s crew. But she’s also very close with Joseline Hernandez, which means, given the drama between Joseline and Mimi during season 5, that Melissa could very easily become a mediator and power broker this year. *And* Melissa is BFFs with Karlie Redd, meaning we’re likely to see her help Karlie get through any drama with Young Joc that might crop up.

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Melissa is also one of the most prominent members of the greater hip-hop community in Atlanta, thanks to her ownership stake in the city’s Soul Bar and her full ownership of noted club Traxx Girls. Traxx, however, isn’t just a club: the business “entertains gorgeous women of the world in one ultimate atmosphere”–meaning Melissa also organizes getaways for her clientele. According to the Traxx website, recent trips include Mexico, Las Vegas, and what looks like an annual soiree in celebration of Atlanta Pride Weekend.

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Furthermore, Melissa knows how to mix business and pleasure: she’s kicking off her reality TV debut on LHHATL Season 6 with a viewing party at her club. It likely won’t be the last, so, if you want to mix with DJ M, you might drop by on a Monday night:

There may even be other familiar faces in attendance:

Wild Ass Night … #tb

A post shared by DJ M (@dagreatdjm) on

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Plus, according to her VH1 bio, Melissa *also* owns a fleet of party buses–meaning she can get you to the party, host it at her own club, and stock the club with VIPs from her LHHATL crew. It sounds like DJ M is definitely one to watch for this season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, and very likely for many seasons to come!

You can follow Melissa Scott on Instagram here, and on Twitter here. And you can check her out on LHHATL Season 6 when the show airs Monday nights at 8 on VH1.

(Photo credits: Who is Melissa Scott? DJ M via Instagram)

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