New Avoid Humans app is the epitome of anti-social media

Avoid Humans App

Classify this as anti-social media: A new app called “Avoid Humans” helps Austinites avoid the crowds that descended this month for South by Southwest.

The app is powered by Foursquare — meaning it helps you go to the exact opposite of places where people are checking in. It is described as…

While SXSW is chock-full of fantastical things, sometimes, you need to hit the eject button and escape the masses. To help, GSD&M presents Avoid Humans—a web-based app that combs data from Foursquare check-ins and combines it with a GSD&M-curated list, giving you the least crowded places in Austin. The app is divided into four categories — nightlife, food, coffee and refuge — and each location is color coded to indicate the current level of human presence.

The color-coded categories are also put into terms residents of Austin will understand, such as “More crowded than a UT football game when the UT football team was good.”

Avoid Humans Description Color Codes

So far, the app is being rejoiced by ochlophobics and/or common introverts — but there’s no word on whether it will expand beyond Austin.

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