VIDEO NBA player throws shoe during game, earns internet infamy



NBA journeyman Ronnie Price is not making basketball card collectors salivate. Nor is he racking up jersey sales. The Los Angeles Lakers are his sixth team in ten years, during which time Price has never averaged more than fourteen minutes or four points per game.

But, gosh darn it, his plucky attitude just might see him earn a spot on the Lakers’ roster this year. Because what Price did to Golden State Warriors’ guard Andre Iguodala during a preseason game was easily the most creative defense the Lakers have employed in two seasons.

Check it:



Soulful, Ronnie Price. Positively soulful.

Maybe the best part of the exchange is the big grin on Price’s face immediately before and after he chucks his shoe downcourt right in front of the referee. It’s a smile that says “Losing my shoe was bad luck, so I’ll compound that by upping the foolishness.” The ref looks like he can’t believe he has to officiate this, either.

(And hey: who’d have thought that this would be the first time a Laker would throw a shoe during a game? This is the team that employed Metta World Peace for four years. Being first is no small feat.)

In all seriousness, though: you’re never going to become a roster fixture in class-conscious L.A. with behavior like that, Ronnie. If you want to stick with the Lakers, and rub elbows with the likes of Carlos “Lacquer” Boozer and Kobe “The Comedy Store” Bryant,” you need to learn your role and stick to it. Be less of a shoe-thrower and more of a shoe, and you’ll go far.


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