MUG SHOT Tiger Woods mistress Jamie Jungers arrested for DUI

Tiger Woods mistress #4 Jamie Jungers Mug Shot

For the longest time I believed that Tiger Woods quivered whenever one of his brothel of “other women” surfaced for some reason or another. But you know this week I think Woods might be all right with mistress #4 Jamie Jungers hitting the blogosphere with this DUI mug shot. Why you ask? Well it’s simple really, you see Tiger Woods got caddie whacked this weekend.

Woods has returned to the PGA but before he did so as part of his total remaking he let his long time caddie Stevie Williams go. The Woods camp claimed that this was done in person, in a professional manner and that it was an extremely difficult decision for Tiger to make. Well, as the kids are saying these days, karma bit Tiger in his ass as the man for whom Stevie Williams is now on the bag for, Adam Scott, just won the last tournament. This was a tournament in which Woods participated and finished far out of reach. End story on this, Williams blasted Tiger after the win and said it was the greatest victory he’d ever been a part of and that Tiger lied about the separation claiming that he was let go by telephone.

Tiger got caddie whacked! OUCH.

Speaking of Tiger getting whacked, his mistress number 4 Jamie Jungers was arrested in Las Vegas on suspicion of drinking and driving. The sexy blonde was busted after crashing her car in the wee hours of August 5. She was arrested on suspicion of driving on a suspended registration, having no proof of insurance, and driving under the influence. If you forgot who Jungers was like I pretty much had I encourage you to check out our “Trashy Girl” profile post and then our photo gallery of Jamie as a Hottie Host.

Mug Shot: Splashnews

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