MTV’s ‘Rich Girls’ Where Are They Now? Ally Hilfiger & Jaime Gleicher updates!

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For one amazing season between 2003-2004, MTV’s Rich Girls dominated the scene. Starring Ally Hilfiger and Jaime Gleicher, the former friends navigated their senior year as upper class girls in New York City.

Read what the duo is up to now.

Ally Hilfiger Updates

Ally was made famous for being the daughter of classic American fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger. Type-A on the show, the Rich Girl came off as studious but stressed.

Ally most recently made headlines with her 2018 wedding to Steve Hash. The union happened on the private island of Mystique in the West Indies.

Hilfiger wore a gorgeous dress designed by none other than her father. Featured in Brides magazine, it looks like the Rich Girls star style has evolved with the times.

Ally is also a mom. She and Steve share a daughter born in 2015 named ‘Harley.’

In a less happy update, Ally Hilfiger has experienced some health issues. The star was diagnosed with Lyme disease and eventually wrote a book about the experience.

Bite Me: How Lyme Disease Stole My Childhood, Made Me Crazy, and Almost Killed Me tells all about her struggle.

Jamie Gleicher Updates

Making a major transformation, Jamie Gleicher has come a long way from smoking cigarettes inside her parents New York apartment (and everywhere else for that matter.)

Now a psychotherapist, Jaime Gleicher LMSW is a graduate of the New York University Silver School of Social Work, where she earned her Masters of Social Work.

Jamie appears to be single, but living her best life. Recently travelling the Italy, it looks like the Rich Girl is finally comfortable in her own skin.

If you think Jamie has made a huge transformation since her MTV days, she’d love for you to tell her. Gleicher is quoted by Life and Style Magazine saying:

“I have made such a conscious effort to be as far away from what was and to give back and to find a career that was really fulfilling, and that was not fulfilling to me. Higher education showed [me] that you can evolve…you can change.”

MTV’s Rich Girls Nostalgia

Millennials who loved MTV’s Rich Girls will be happy to see that both stars have transformed into amazing adults.

Despite their early beginnings, the pair, currently in their mid-thirties, seem totally grounded.

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