Miss Nikki Baby was there when Erica Mena and Clifford Dixon were arrested EXCLUSIVE

Love and Hip Hop star Erica Mena and boyfriend Clifford Dixon were both arrested on Friday after a heated altercation escalated to the point that Cliff allegedly kicked in a bedroom door in Erica’s house to get to her. In an interesting twist, the bedroom with the busted door was a guest bedroom where Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star Miss Nikki Baby was staying at the time — and it may have been Nikki who called the cops!

We obtained a copy of the police report from Cliff’s arrest, which reveals that officers were called to Erica’s home in Johns Creek, Georgia after someone inside the residence called 911 claiming to be able to hear an ongoing altercation upstairs. Officers arrived on the scene at approximately 6:24 AM, but couldn’t get anyone to come to the front door. One of the officers went around to the back of the property and was able to make contact with Miss Nikki Baby (real name Nicole Mudarris) after tapping on a window.

Nikki was advised to go to the door, and she agreed, letting the officers inside. “As we entered the residence, we could detect an odor of burnt marijuana,” the report states. (That becomes important later.)

Once inside the residence, the two officers made contact with Erica and Cliff, and the officers split up to talk to each individually. Cliff admitted that he and Erica had gotten into an argument “over personal matters” after she got home at roughly 6 AM, but Cliff insisted that “at no time did the argument get physical.” The officer adds in the report that he “did not see any marks indicating any physical altercation on [Cliff].”

Erica Mena also admitted that she was in an argument with Cliff. “[Erica] left the room and went to a separate bedroom where Ms. Mudarris was located,” the police report states. “She attempted to open the door, but it was stuck, and Ms Mudarris was not able to open from her side either. She stated that she broke the door in order to go in the room with her.” This initial account by Erica would later be altered a bit.

In addition to Miss Nikki Baby, there was apparently another guest staying at the house — a man named Pierre. According to Pierre’s account in the report, “he was in a downstairs bedroom when he heard the two arguing. He stated that it started to sound crazy, and he heard what sounded like someone getting slapped. He stated that he did hear Ms. Mena say, ‘please stop.'”

It is unclear whether it was Pierre or Nikki who called 911.

Erica later spoke with the officer again, and this time her story was a little different:

[Erica] stated that she was in an argument with Mr Dixon. As the two were arguing, she left the bedroom and went down the hall to the another bedroom where Ms. Mudarris was staying. She went inside and closed the door. Shortly after closing the door, Mr. Dixon kicked the door, causing the door to break, and once inside, they continued arguing.

Nikki confirmed Erica’s second account of what happened. She told police she was in the bedroom and Erica came in. “A short time after closing the door, Mr. Dixon kicked open the door, and continued arguing with Ms. Mena,” the report says of Nikki’s account.

Because police were told the property was under Erica’s name, they arrested Cliff for trespassing.

The report concludes:

I advised Mr Dixon that he was being charged with Criminal Trespass for the damage to the door. He stated that he did not do it. I took him in to custody and took him out to my patrol vehicle. He began asking questions about which door was damaged. I advised him of his Miranda Warning, and he stated that he did wish to talk. I asked him about the damage to the bedroom door, and he asked which one. He stated that the door to the master bedroom is broken and it will not open. I asked about the bedroom down the hall, and he stated that Ms Mena left the master bedroom where they were arguing and walked down the hall. He stated that he heard the door break, and he came out to the hallway and asked what happened. She turned toward him and said, “I live here too,” and she went in to the bedroom.

So why in the world was Erica arrested? Well, remember that part about police smelling pot when they walked in? “Cops say Erica admitted smoking weed and that she had some inside her home,” reports TMZ. “Cops say they found baggies of weed and possible THC wax in her bedroom and her kitchen.”

Cliff was charged with “CRIMINAL TRESPASS-FAMILY VIOLENCE” and Erica Mena was charged with possession of less than one ounce of marijuana. Both were back out and free the next day.

Miss Nikki Baby has made no mention on social media about being at the house when Erica and Cliff were arrested, but she did share this tweet (and only this tweet) that day:

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