Michelle Bombshell McGee talks Jesse, Sandra, ex-husband during interview with Australia’s Today Tonight reporter Sally Obermeder

After Jesse James’ premier mistress Michelle Bomshell McGee came out with her secret in an OK! Magazine feature, all the skeletons in her closet came tumbling out. Many of the skeletons may have been just shadows cast by people seeking revenge, but other skeletons were less hard to pin down, like her Nazi-inspired photoshoot.

McGee made a few rumblings on Twitter, Facebook, and back to OK!, but hasn’t really said much since she dropped her “bombshell” until now. She sat down with Sally Obermeder, an Australian television reporter for Channel 7’s Tonight Today.

Obermeder asked many good questions, but she forgot one: “Why the eff are you talking to the Australian media instead of the U.S media?”

McGee definitely had a lot to say about her experiences as Jesse James’ mistress, but the nugget that’s currently getting a lot of press is her apology to Sandra Bullock:

“I want to give her a heartfelt apology. I’m sorry for her embarrassment and her pain.”

She feels guilty, but she does feel as if she’s been just as misleaded as Sandra was, saying “He lied to me just as much as he lied to her.” She also iterated the point that she only began a sexual relationship with Jesse (two or three times the night they met) after he made a few vague comments about Sandra, and was shocked to see him at the Oscars with Sandra. She felt that Jesse’s tears at his wife’s win should have won him an Oscar, she didn’t believe his expression of feelings for Sandra was genuine.

Bombshell regrets her Nazi photoshoot above all else, expresses that she is not, in fact, a White Supremacist or Nazi sympathizer. She just wants to move on with her website michellebombshell.com, which sells subscriptions to view her nude pictures and video and is sponsored by the cheating dating site AshleyMadison.com. When you load the site, a woman on the multimedia ad tells us “Life is short, have an affair.” It looks like even though Bombshell is Sowwy she doesn’t mind promoting cheating on her website.

As for ex-husband Shane Modica‘s recent interviews accusing her of being a White Supremacist and in love with Jesse James, Bombshells says he’s just trying to get back at her.

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