Michael Lohan Owes $12K To The Feds

It’s another spectacular day in the life of Michael Lohan! The father of the century reportedly owes $12,000 in back taxes and has had a lien filed against him.

Why didn’t Michael pay the bill? Did it get lost in the mail? Is he on a payment plan? Nope, he didn’t pay it because he was in jail when the bill was due. Convenient! Lucky him, he has been granted an extension while he takes time out to sell more tapes of Lindsay’s phone calls to Radar and TMZ, er, I mean, get his money in order. Michael recently held a press conference asking for help for his daughter and announced his engagement to reporter (and Jon Gosselin’s ex!) Kate Major.

He could ask Lindsay for some help, Gossip Cop reports that she has actually been cast in a film! This time, it’s as infamous porn star Linda Lovelace (of Deep Throat) in a Matthew Wilder project titled Inferno.

Image: Fame Pictures