‘Mean Girls’ sequel ‘Mean Moms’ to star Jennifer Aniston

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Mean Moms, a sequel to Mean Girls is really, truly happening! The pros: it will be out next year and star Jennifer Aniston. The cons: Tina Fey will not be writing the screenplay.

The original Mean Girls was based on Rosalind Wiseman’s book Queen Bees and Wannabes about the social lives of teen girls. She wrote a similar book about boys, and also one about the cutthroat world of moms, which will be the source material for the fictional Mean Moms. Jennifer will be a happily married mother of two from a small town who moves to some high-class suburbs where she encounters competitive parenting like she’s never seen before.

Variety reports that Jennifer Aniston is definitely signed on for the project, but it’s a bummer that Tina Fey isn’t writing it. Hopefully she and Amy Poehler will still be two of the moms, though.

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