Matthew McConaughey is open to reprising True Detective’s Rust Cohle


Matthew McConaughey has left the door wide open for a possible reprisal of his portrayal of the philosophically unforgettable Rustin Cohle in True Detective.

McConaughey went deep as he talked about his opportunity to play the pessimistic detective who’s admittedly bad at parties. While doing so, he revealed a nugget that this fanboy could hardly believe.

You know the interrogation room? We shot that in a day. Twenty-eight pages and I had to just amalgamize it… I remember that day. We were in there for about 18 hours and we shot about 24 pages and they were like, ‘We are wiped, can we go home?’ And I was like, ‘No, we’re not going home. I’m finishing this. We’re in the belly of the beast. We’re going to finish this now.’

Dude… All those unforgettable diatribes from Cohle, some of the very best scenes in TV history, were all shot on the same day!?! That’s insane.

When Eisen asked Matthew if he would ever consider revisiting the role, he was all-in:

Yeah I would. I miss Rust Cohle man. I miss watching him on Sunday nights. I miss watching True Detective on Sunday night. I was a happy man while we made that for 6 months.

McConaughey even provided particulars for what he’d need to give it another go: “I talked to Nic [the creator and writer] about it. It would have to be the right context, the right way…”

Vanity Fair points out that HBO felt liked they rushed the comparatively unsuccessful 2nd season and are looking for a Hail Mary to launch a 3rd season.

While Rust Cohle might have been perfectly encapsulated in that first season, it’s a guarantee that a return of the mustachioed Lone Star-pounder would create an Earth-shattering buzz in the psychosphere.

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