Leif Garrett arrested again for heroin possession; Compare his mug shots

Leif Garrett mug shot 2010

I have no idea if Leif Garrett is from North Carolina or not but the former teen idol and perennial adult troublemaker is obviously a tarheel fan! Leif “Gair Jordan” was arrested in Los Angeles Monday morning for having black tar heroin in his shoe after police saw him in an L.A. Metrolink Station shaking and sweating profusely. The cops approached Garrett and asked if they could search him. From TMZ:

We’re told cops asked Garrett if he had any drugs on him — at first, Garrett told them he didn’t … but then later admitted he was packing heroin in his shoe.

Make that Heroin Jordan!

Garrett, 48, was taken into custody and jailed until his release Wednesday morning. His next court date is set for Feb. 24th.

So what does three years of hard living do to a man’s countenance? The answer: not much! Here’s Garrett’s mug shot from his previous heroin possession arrest in 2006:

Leif Garrett's 2006 mug shot

In addition to heroine, Leif appears to be addicted to face plants! How do you have the same exact injuries in mug shots taken 4 years apart?!? Maybe it’s a perpetual scar from his career taking one of the biggest nosedives in entertainment history.

Leif’s more notable teen acting performances included the breakthrough role of Jimmy Henderson on “Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice”; the protagonist’s son Mike Pusser from the “Walking Tall” movies; the recurring role of Zack Russell on the ABC-TV series “Family”. Leif also played the role of Leonard Unger, the son of Felix Unger on the ABC-TV series “The Odd Couple”.

Leif also had a popular singing career with many cover singles that included “Runaround Sue,” “Surfin U.S.A.” and “The Wanderer” among others. Here’s a video of one of his most contradictory songs in which Leif falsely declares, “I Was Made For Dancing!”

And the sleeve from his 45″ single “Feel the Need” with “New York City Nights” as a B-side:

Leif Garrett single art "Feel the Need" and "New York City Nights" B-side

Perhaps Leif’s most infamous post teen moment came on the VH1 series Behind the Music when, in 1999, the once teen heartthrob reunited with his old best friend Roland Winkler to apologize for leaving him in a paraplegic state after a horrible car accident in 1979.

Leif, 18 at the time, was driving under the influence of alcohol and Quaaludes. Up until the filming of the episode Garrett was estranged from Winkler having settled a negligence lawsuit out of court for approximately $7 million dollars. The scene was at once funny, touching, and a little horrifying as both men were in tears as Winkler explained that the accident may have actually saved his life by derailing him from the fast lane.

Unfortunately for Leif he has never exited from the Highway to Hell. Since a drug arrest shortly after the airing of the Behind the Scenes episode, Leif has been in and out of trouble with the law on multiple charges mostly stemming from drug possession.

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