Leah Calvert’s family blames MTV for drug rumors

Leah Calvert Divorce and Drug Rumors

Although Leah Calvert effectively cut ties with MTV last month when she announced she won’t appear on new seasons of Teen Mom 2, a family source says Leah’s history on the show continues to haunt her.

An insider close to the mother-of-three told Radar Online that Leah turned to anti-anxiety pills when going through a “dark time” in late 2013. However, as viewers saw last season, Leah initially didn’t react well to the dosage.

“It took a few days for her body to adjust to the medication,” the source said. “She was clearly not herself.”

Leah Calvert talks about her prescription drug problem

After the episode aired, Leah said she wasn’t concerned about negative reactions: “I’m not worried about the episode tonight I want to bring awareness to those that are afraid to admit they have anxiety, but also to make sure they are on the right medication for anxiety.”

However, the source said Jeremy Calvert thought MTV producers took advantage of the situation.

“[He] told off a cameraman for filming her in such a state… He didn’t think it was right,” said the insider. “They knew the extreme stress she was going through. They took advantage of her during a difficult period.”

The source said Leah’s doctors helped her adjust her anti-anxiety medication and she now feels stable. Still, the source confirmed Radar‘s report that Leah “pops powerful narcotics like Lortab only because she’s in constant pain from a botched epidural while delivering daughter Adalynn in February 2013.” In October, that issue came into light as other sources said Leah spends $1,000 per week on Vicodin, Lortab, Percocet and oxycodone.

The source close to the West Virginia mom tried to defend Leah’s painkiller use: “People don’t know how much she suffers every day.”

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