Kim Kardashian Hollywood app earns $43.4 million in 3rd quarter, gamers go on 214,174,992 dates

Kim Kardashian Hollywood app Quarter 3 2014 revenue

Glu Mobile, the makers of the super-popular free Kim Kardashian: Hollywood app, shared a third quarter Earnings Investor Presentation recently that reveals their gaming venture with Kim brought in $43.4 million in July, August, and September of 2014 after launching on June 25. In addition to the revenue figure, Glu Mobile also released more jaw-dropping statistics about gamers during that time, including how many dates they went on, the best-selling outfits for men and women, and the total amount of time human beings spent chasing their virtual dreams in the Kimcentric electronic Tinseltown universe.

First off, let’s check out the pie graph showing the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood app revenue versus the revenue from Glu Mobile’s other apps, which includes the popular Deer Hunter and Dino Hunter games:

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood revenue for third quarter 2014 graph

The Kim Kardashian: Hollywood app accounted for more than half of Glu Mobile’s revenue during the quarter!

So, what were folks doing while playing the game? It looks like they were going on a whole lotta dates, plane trips and photoshoots! Check out this infographic breaking down some of the stats:

Kim Kardashian Hollywood app stats dates photoshoots top selling outfits total time played

Total installs: 22,857,239
Total sessions: 1,267,143,066
Total minutes played: 5,702,143,796
Total hours played: 95,035,730
Total days played: 3,959,822
Total years played: 10,849

Level-ups: 850,253,999

Outfit best-sellers: #major (men) #Swag (women)

Flights: 3,211,143,235
Dates: 214,174,992
Photoshoots: 401,836,750

One of the Starcasm editors has contributed to a lot of the numbers above (in the name of research, of course) including getting married twice as well as, appropriately enough, getting divorced once. (She has one of each left to go to catch up with Kim.) Sadly, Glu Mobile didn’t release any data on marriages, but that makes sense given that nuptials weren’t even an option until October.

And in case you were wondering how a “free” app managed to bring in more than $43 million in three months, people get a little impatient with the slow-paced fame game and opt to speed things up with some in-app purchases. (You can read about one Jezebel writer’s downward spiral into the dark side of electronic fame addiction here.)

And don’t worry, Kim revealed during her live talk at Code Mobile that she and Glu Mobile are already working on follow-up games that are “a little bit different” from Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. So maybe Kim Kardashian: Miami?

Until then, gamers can continue to look forward to more fun updates on the original app, including the integration of Kim’s family!

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