Khloe Kardashian sounds off after Lamar Odom’s drunken plane escapade


Khloe Kardashian has taken her thoughts public following a report that estranged husband Lamar Odom was dismissed from a flight after getting drunk and vomiting on a plane.

Odom, who had been in recovery after he nearly died from a drug overdose at a Las Vegas brothel, allegedly let anger get the best of him as he started drinking at a Santa Monica bar yesterday. The former NBA star then proceeded to LAX where he got full-on drunk at an airport lounge.

Eye witnesses claim he pounded beers and whiskey in the Delta lounge before attempting to catch a red-eye to New York City. TMZ reports that Odom vomited in the aisle of first class and them vomited again in the bathroom with the door still open. He was escorted off the plane but…

Lamar got back on the plane minutes later with vomit still on his sweatpants. He made his way to the restroom again, this time placing his hands on other passengers’ heads to keep his balance. At this point, Lamar was removed from the aircraft for good.

Khloe Kardashian, who refiled divorce paperwork in May, at first reacted passively to the news via Twitter:

This turned around quickly after someone suggested she be a better wife and look after Odom:


Khloe then attempted to buoy that clap back with a number of positive responses to folks offering support:

Khloe then tweeted about the difficulties of working out after vacation. She followed that up by pitching her app with a video about organizing jewelry, as well as touting the real power of crystals like the actual ones she keeps in her house.