Kayla Johanson won’t be back on Gold Rush White Water

Kayla Johanson leaving Gold Rush White Water

Gold Rush White Water miner Kayla Johanson announced ahead of tonight’s episode that it will be her last appearance on the show. In a statement posted on Facebook and Instagram, Kayla cited “less than satisfactory results” and “unnecessary amounts of drama” among her reasons for departing.

“This week’s episode of Gold Rush White Water is not only the season finale, but also MY FINAL EPISODE as well,” Kayla wrote. “I want to thank everyone for following me on this journey, but it’s time to move on to better things.”

As viewers are aware, Kayla had extensive experience with dredge mining in Alaska when she agreed to join the show. However, her previous experience was mostly as her own boss.

“While this experience was definitely an adventure, I moved to Alaska in pursuit of happiness and freedom in doing my own mining and running my jewelry business,” Kayla continued in her announcement. “Working on the show was tying me down too much and taking too much away from my own personal mining goals and business goals.”

Kayla then brought up some of her frustrations with her White Water co-stars. “I can’t keep following someone else around with way less than satisfactory results each year, while dealing with unnecessary amounts of drama,” she wrote.

“I hope everyone understands. I will continue to post my adventures and I am truly grateful for the love and support I’ve been shown by so many.” Kayla signed off with this string of emoji: ❤️❤️❤️⚒️⚒️⚒️

On Facebook, Kayla shared a little extra info, and also interacted with commenters reacting to her announcement. “I have plans to release my YouTube channel later this year showcasing videos that show the process of gold being found (by me of course) and then turned into jewelry,” Kayla wrote.

Kayla Johanson’s Jewelry Store

In case you were unaware, Kayla transforms the gold and other precious gems she finds into one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces that she sells via The Peeking Doe etsy shop. Here are some examples of Kayla’s amazing work from her Instagram:

It doesn’t appear Kayla has launched her YouTube channel yet, but it is likely right around the corner.

Videos of someone like Kayla dredging for gold and minerals then turning them into jewelry sounds AMAZING! Perhaps Discovery should consider a new Gold Rush spin off title Gold Rush: Bling Queen?

Kayla Johanson Facebook Comment Reactions

As mentioned above, Kayla interacted with many of her Facebook followers in the comments of her departure announcement post. Below are a few of her interactions, including Kayl leaving the door open for a potential move to Bering Sea Gold!

COMMENT: The truth is, after watching this season, I believe that you would be better off going off and doing your own thing anyway. Dustin and his crew have been going at this, what, 4 or 5 years now with very little results.. It’s just a pipe dream.. Best of luck to you, Kayla. I wish you the very best and hope they come up with a spin-off show just for you!

KAYLA: I am better off doing my own thing, and much happier too.

COMMENT: Good Luck in your adventures, it was fun having you for the brief time on the show. We (most) figured this was going to be your last season. The weather broke all kinds of records w/rain this season & unfortunately the big gold stayed hidden for another day.

KAYLA: Yeah it was a combination of things that sealed the deal for me… constant lack of gold, disaster after disaster, and certain people.

COMMENT: Sure hate to see you go, but only you know what is best for you. I hope you have much success in your future endeavors. The show has always been more about adventure than rewards. I have enjoyed it along the way. There must be more gold found than what is revealed on the show. I don’t see how Dustin could pay for all of the equipment and toys. I hope they all find a big payoff. It looks like a lot of dangerous fun and a hard working crew. You really did a great job on the show and a wise move by Dustin to put you in charge. Going to miss you on the show.

KAYLA: Sadly, there is not more gold found than is revealed on the show. Quite the opposite.

COMMENT: I know that makes it tough. Ok, got to throw this one out there, and I bet I could speak for many of the fans. I would like to see you go to Nome and join up with BSG [Bering Sea Gold].

KAYLA: Maybe someday. I’ve got other things going on at the moment 😊

COMMENT: Keep up the good work! Happy you’re moving on, the drama was ridiculous. Be you and enjoy the journey.

KAYLA: The drama was beyond ridiculous. I’m glad to not be dealing with temper tantrums anymore.

COMMENT: That’s a shame, but I totally understand. It must be soul destroying when it promises so much but gives so little xx

KAYLA: It was. But there were many factors that sealed the deal for me… constant lack of gold, disaster after disaster, drama and certain people

COMMENT: I think I can guess who the certain people were 😀

KAYLA: Possibly🤣

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