Kandi Burruss wedding special preview video

Kandi Burruss wedding photo

Everybody knows there ain’t no wedding like a Bravo wedding, and from the looks of a just released preview clip of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kandi’s Wedding” special, there ain’t no Bravo wedding like a Kandi Burruss wedding!

As you would expect, the tensions run high as Kandi juggles trying to organize her special day with one hand while keeping Mama Joyce from killing her fiance Todd Tucker with the other:

In case you missed it, Kandi’s wedding had a “Coming To America” theme, and as you can tell from the clip, that means some over-the-top African dancing! And speaking of over-the-top African dancing, there appears to be plenty of that at both the bachelor and bachelorette parties as Todd Tucker gets a lap dance sandwich (I wanted to make a “five dollar footlong” joke, but refrained), while Kandi is entertained by a little stripper with some huge acrobatic skills!

Kandi Burruss crying before her wedding

Meanwhile, the drama escalates behind the scenes as the issue of money threatens to keep the nuptials from taking place. Will Todd sign a last-minute pre-nup? Will Mama joyce remain silent when those in attendance are asked if anyone present has reason to object to Kandi and Todd’s union? You’ll have to tune in Sunday, June 1 at 8/7c on Bravo to find out!

Here’s the official description from Bravo, included in the press release announcing the Kandi Burruss wedding special premiere date:

Viewers can save the date as Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker have decided to tie the knot against vocal family opposition that played out during season six. Each episode follows Kandi and Todd as they plan a larger-than-life “Coming to America” themed wedding ceremony, signifying the couple’s initial introduction in Africa. The two are confident that they can pull off their dream wedding without the help of a wedding planner – and in only five short weeks. Adding to the pressure of a major time crunch is the reality that family drama is never far away. Kandi and Todd are hosting his mother at their house prior to the wedding and are faced with her opposition towards the outspoken Mama Joyce. Will there be a clashing of mother- in-laws and will Kandi find the strength to stand up to Mama Joyce, or will her powerful influence jeopardize the bride-to-be’s fairytale wedding?


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