Jessie Nizewitz’s Dating Naked uncensored vagina lawsuit tossed

Dating Naked Jessie Nizewitz lawsuit dismissed

And in “Most Ridiculous Post Title of the Week” news, the $10 million lawsuit filed by former stripper Jessie Nizewitz against producers of the VH1 reality series Dating Naked (after the show aired a less than one second uncensored shot of her hoo hoo) has been dismissed by a New York State Supreme Court judge.

The ruling was handed down last week by Judge Anil Singh after the defendants (Viacom, Lighthearted Entertainment, and Firelight Entertainment) argued that the written contract signed by Jessie Nizewitz explicitly (heh heh) stated that show producers could pretty much show whatever they liked. From Viacom’s motion to dismiss:

Before filming began, she signed not one but three agreements, in which she expressly and repeated agreed (no fewer than twelve times) that she would participate and be filmed fully nude: that footage could be exhibited and distributed without restriction that the producers would have sole discretion in how the footage was edited; that she waived any right to sue over her appearance on the show; and that she would liable for attorneys fees should she sue in violation of her contract.

Jessie Nizewitz insisted that she had an oral agreement with producers that her vagina and other private parts would be blurred out in the nude beach wrestling scene, and she contended in the suit that “since the initial airing of the third episode of Dating Naked, Plaintiff has suffered and continues to suffer severe extreme emotional distress, mental anguish, humiliation and embarrassment, as the uncensored episode and uncensored pictures therefrom have been uploaded to various Internet websites including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr.”

Viacom argued that any oral agreement was superseded by the written contract. Or, as the defense attorneys put it, “The three written agreements that Ms. Nizewitz signed expressly disdain reliance on any oral representations and otherwise preclude the existence of an oral contract since they provide that modifications may only be made in writing, signed by both parties.”

The judge agreed with the defense.

I guess the lessons to be learned here are: Read those contracts! And if you are appearing on a reality show with “Naked” in the title, there’s a chance America will get a gander at your goods.

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