Jennifer Aniston And John Mayer’s Breakup Inspired Ben And Jerry’s Flavor

It’s that time again! Every few years America’s favorite hairdo loses another man and Ben and Jerry’s brings back one of my perennial favorite ice cream flavors: Bananiston Split.

Jennifer Aniston gets her own Ben and Jerry's ice cream flavor

DEAL ALERT! Ben and Jerry’s is running a special “Lonely-apolitan” three-for-one promotion this time around – buy a pint of Bananiston Split and get two Blockbuster coupons good for a free dvd rental of Jennifer Aniston’s The Breakup and He’s Really Not That Into You! A really sweet deal for lonely hearts!

(In addition to Jennifer, another sad thing is that Ben and Jerry’s is either/or with their Aniston flavors, so whenever we have Bananiston Split, it means we have to go without the usual Jen and Berries. Man, I sure like Jen and Berries a lot! But, I think I prefer Bananiston Split. So thank you John Mayer for twittering too much!)

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