Jason Trawick proposing marriage to Britney Spears tonight after getting permission from her dad

According to TMZ, Britney Spears is about to get engaged y’all! (BTW, this photo was picked strickly because of the middle guy’s priceless face!)

They have sources spilling that her long-time boyfriend Jason Trawick is set to propose tonight in Las Vegas. Supposedly, he also got permission to pop the question the old fashioned way: he asked Britney’s dad Jamie Spears for her hand in marriage.

That’s sweet, but it turns out (IF this is all true) that he would have had to ask Jamie’s permission anyway. Britney’s still under a conservatorship, and she would have to get permission from her conservators in order to go through with a marriage (she’d have to go before a judge too!)

If this is true, then good for Britney (but bad for Britney, because the secret got spoiled!) Jason seems to have been really good for her, and they seem very happy and stable. Plus, I’m a little giddy about seeing Britney in a wedding dress again.

What about you? Do you think Britney should marry Jason?

PHOTO:Stuart Castle / WENN.com

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