PHOTOS Does Lisa Rinna wear a wig? Is she bald?

Brandi Glanville vs Lisa Rinna

In one of the weirdest, mud-slinging comments to be uttered on The Real Housewives franchise, Brandi Glanville recently accused Lisa Rinna of wearing a wig. Why this is an insult, I’m still trying to figure out.

I understand that Brandi’s trying to make a point to say she thinks Lisa’s hair is outdated, but plenty of people wear wigs, hair pieces, and extensions for all sorts of reasons. Hello, Kim Zolciak anyone? But I digress…

Lisa didn’t address Brandi’s comments directly but recently posed for a photo that seemed to combat the wig-wearing claims.

Fellow Bravolebrity Caroline Stanbury posted a pic on Instagram pulling on Lisa’s hair along with the caption, “#wig? I think not @lisarinna”

Caroline Stanbury and Lisa Rinna

The picture seemed to quiet any naysayers who may have believed Lisa has been rockin’ a wig all along. However, today, the soap star posted a dramatic selfie showing off a completely bald head!

She captioned the picture, “Omg this just happened!!!! I feel so free!!!! Thank God I’ve got great wigs and extra wig glue for my QVC appearance tomorrow! #BaldIsBeautiful”

Lisa Rinna Wears Wigs

Does this mean Lisa’s hair is fake and she’s been wearing a wig this whole time? No so fast.

About a week ago, Lisa posted a short video to Instagram showing her coloring her hair— touching up her roots to be exact. People who wear wigs don’t typically do root touch ups. #JustSayin

When you doing your roots and ya got time. #realtime

A video posted by Lisa Rinna (@lisarinna) on

And if you look closely at the bald pic of Lisa, it looks fake. It appears she used some sort of filter to make her appear bald or maybe she’s wearing a bald cap over her hair.

Lisa Rinna Wears Wigs closeup

Either way, I highly doubt this is real. BUT, if the picture is the real deal, let me be the first to say Lisa has the most perfectly shaped head I’ve ever seen.

This type of stunt is right up Lisa’s alley: making fun of a situation while giving a big F you to her haters— not to mention putting in a plug for her QVC products.

lisa rinna f you

Don’t forget to watch all the drama unfold between Lisa and the rest of the ladies when The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Tuesday at 9/8c on Bravo.

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