Ice Road Truckers’ Tim Zickuhr allegedly kidnapped, assaulted a prostitute named Snow White

Ice Road Truckers' Tim Zickuhr allegedly kidnapped a prostitute named Snow White in Las Vegas

Former Ice Road Truckers star Tim Zickuhr is in a whole heap of legal trouble after an alleged series of violent events that could serve as a plot line on The Hangover IV. Zickuhr has been charged with several felonies, including kidnapping and extortion, after he attacked and tied up a prostitute from Las Vegas named Snow White, who he thought owed him money.

UPDATE – This story somehow just got more amazing because we have Tim Zickuhr’s epic mug shot photo!

Ice Road Truckers Deadliest Roads Tim Zickuhr mug shot photo

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, Zickuhr allegedly hired a prostitute, who goes by the name of Snow White, to do very un-Disney-Princess-like things on December 18. Zickuhr then reportedly did what I assume is on the list of “Top Ten Mistakes Johns Make” and gave Snow White his ATM card and security code so she could pay herself.

As you probably guessed, Zickuhr later got angry and accused Snow White of taking out too much money. So far so silly right? Here’s where the movie turns into a rather graphic Cohen Brothers production…

Snow White claims in the police report that Zickuhr set up a meeting with her at his apartment the following day, and when she arrived, he punched her in the face and threatened to kill her if she didn’t return the extra money he thought she took.

Tim Zickuhr Ice Road Truckers Deadliest Roads

Snow White says that after Zickuhr attacked her he used backpack straps to tie her up before pouring cold water on her from a mop bucket and locking her in a closet. While Snow White was locked in the closet, Zickuhr reportedly demanded a phone number for someone he could call and get his money back.

Snow White then did about the only intelligent thing in this entire story and provided Zickuhr with the number of a “friend” that just so happened to be a cop!

Zickuhr called the number and without ever realizing he was talking to a police officer, he threatened to kill Snow White if he didn’t get $1,000.

The police officer set up a meeting with Zickuhr, at which point the very clever kidnapper decided it would be better if Snow White wasn’t escorted out the front door of his apartment, so he had her jump out of a second-floor window.

Zickuhr and the police officer met and Zickuhr was immediately placed under arrest. Zickuhr reportedly admitted to everything and has now been charged with first degree kidnapping, extortion, and coercion. His first court date is scheduled for May.

Tim Zickuhr appeared on the second season of Ice Road Truckers: Deadliest Roads in which “Six North American drivers are sent to Bolivia to haul cargo along the Yungas Road, notorious for its extreme hazards.”

Here’s a profile video on Tim Zickuhr from History Channel in which he reveals he’s an adrenaline junkie who is “up to try anything once.” Well, he can now check off being arrested for kidnapping and extortion!

From History: “Hailing from the Port of Los Angeles, Tim is ready to show the South American continent what he’s made of–a tall order considering he’s never even driven trucks on a freeway before. Brimming with personality, this loudmouthed driver is out to prove he’s not all bark and no bite.”

And some Tim quotes:

“I like to cause a little controversy.”

“I’m kind of an outlaw. I make up my own rules as I go.”

Now, let’s all sing Tim’s Snow White inspired theme song together… “Hi ho, you owe, it’s off to jail I go…”

* It appears as though Tim had his fair share of detractors well before be punched Snow White in the face, poured mop water on her, locked her in a closet, then tried to ransom her to a friend. Click here to read a post from November, 2011 titled “Oh the ways I loathe you Tim Zickuhr..”

Mug shot photo: Splash News

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