“Halle Berry Gets A New Do!” – Lame Photo of the Day 1-5-10

Halle Berry doesn't show off her brand new hairstyle

Wow! Have you ever seen Halle Berry looking so good?!? That hairstyle makes her figure look even curvier somehow! Women the world over will be printing this photo out and taking it to the styling salon saying, “I want a Halle Berry ‘do!” (You can also print this out and take it to the garden section at Home Depot, “I want a holly berry shrub.”)

Lame Photo of the Day has been a strange enterprise. Not only did we have back-to-back Shia LaBeouf entries but now we have our second “important part of photo obscured while leaving somewhere” Halle Berry post. (CLICK HERE to partially see Halle and her loving family leaving the doctor’s office.) Maybe there are certain photographers assigned to certain celebrities and some photographers just have different standards for what is usable and what isn’t?

I digress, and in so doing I am diluting the pure lame joy.

Here is the full title and caption from Fame Pictures:

Halle Berry Gets A New Do!

Halle Berry made her way out of Kinara Spa in Los Angeles, California on January 5, 2010 with a new do. Halle went for a curly short hair do but did have time to show it off to the photographers.

DID have time? I’d hate to see what this photo would have looked like if Halle didn’t have time to show off her new hairdo to the photographers!

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