Gay internet star Domo Wilson plans pregnancy via sperm bank

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21-year-old Domo Wilson of Valparaiso, Indiana has become a bona fide internet star thanks to her honest, and almost always hilarious, videos posted on Vine, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Domo’s videos offer her refreshing take on topics ranging from forgetting to bring your cell phone to the bathroom to being gay. (Domo officially came out of the closet in a Q&A video posted nearly a year ago.)

But even if you are a long-time fan, one well-accustomed to Domo’s unpolished vlog entries, you were probably shocked when the single Domo announced last week that she plans to get pregnant! Via a sperm bank! (Here’s the video announcement followed by a transcript. Just click the link if the embed doesn’t work.)

I’m having a baby!

Posted by Domo Wilson on Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Hey beautiful people! I got some good news. And no, this is not a joke. I know I’m goofy, so y’all might think, “Oh, Domo’s jokin’,” but I swear to god, I’m not joking. But, um, so I’ve been wanting to have a baby — I’ve been having the baby fever for about — for a lot of years now.

So I called the sperm bank this morning in Chicago, Midwest Sperm Bank, and I was, like, “So how does this go?” You know, I was always curious. And they just told me that I pick the description, like the color of the sperm donor’s eyes, the color of his hair, his height, or whatever.

And, so, once I pick that, then I go out there and get this sperm and basically they insert it in me and I’m pregnant. So, I wanted to tell you guys that I will have a baby sometime this year. I’ll be pregnant. My stomach will be big. That’s weird to say, but I’m excited, and if you support me, thank you sooooo much. And you know that when the baby is born me and the baby are going to make hella videos together. For real!

And if you don’t support me, I don’t give a f***. You might as well just block me because I’m going to block you anyway if I see any negative comments.

But yeah, I just wanted to let you guys know so you guys wouldn’t be shocked. I’m going to videotape the procedure — well, not them, like, putting sh!t in my vagina! But I’m going to videotape when I go to the sperm bank, and when I pick out all the stuff, and, yeah. So, I’m excited for this journey. You guys will see more videos about it. Yeah. Love you!


It seems Domo had little trouble with the negative comments. Here are a few of her Facebook posts since the announcement:


July 8 – You guys are seriously the best reading you guys comments supporting my decision about having a baby brought so much happiness into my heart! Thank you guys for supporting me through whatever and for making me smile! Couldn’t ask for a better fan base man I love yal so f***ing much ??❤???

July 14 – Here’s an update guys! NO I am not pregnant, I cannot go to the sperm bank to get it done until I am ovulating 🙂 I will record the WHOLE process for you guys tho (other than the part when they put it in my vagina) lol but sometime this month I shall be pregnant ❤ Thank you guys for your support and wishing me the best… I’m excited ?????


Domo Wilson


Soon after that last post, Domo apparently did receive some negative comments, and she responded:


Shut the f*** up telling me to wait cause I’m not ? I want a baby and if its not coming from your stomach don’t worry about me. I’m VERY financially stable I have my own so don’t ever question my decisions. I wanted to share this news because I know a lot of people have been asking and are very excited for me. Shhhh with that you’re young BS and telling me I NEED a man, shhhhhh. You sound sooooo stupid. But thank you to everyone who supports my decision I really appreciate it, You will guys will know everything every step of the way ❤ ❤


She also reacted on Twitter:

As Domo promised, you can keep up with her pregnancy by following her on social media. Here are the links:

Domo Wilson on Facebook

Domo Wilson on Instagram – @domowilson1

Domo Wilson on Twitter – @_DomoWilson1

Domo Wilson on YouTube

And if you’re still wondering “Who is Domo Wilson?” I’ll let her tell you her story:  



Plus,  here’s Wilson talking about being gay and coming out:




OK, MTV: here’s your next reality star — you need to SIGN HER UP! Title it Domo Arigato and just let the cameras roll — that’s all you have to do. 🙂

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