Confirmed! Both Fifty Shades sequels get screenwriters and release dates

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There’s been way more drama surrounding the Fifty Shades of Grey movie sequels than there will be in the movie itself. First there were the numerous reports, during the Fifty Shades press tour, that stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson don’t really get along, and possibly can’t stand each other. Then came the story that Jamie had up and quit, and the role of Christian Grey would have to be re-cast. Director Sam Taylor-Johnson refused to come back, saying that she simply couldn’t continue to work with Fifty Shades author E.L. James. And producer Dana Brunetti went as far as saying that he had no idea when–or even if–the sequels would begin production:


We literally have no idea what we’re going to do. I have not even met with the studio or anybody yet about the second film. We always said, “Let’s get this first one out and released and then we’ll regroup and figure out what we’re going to do on the next.” That hasn’t happened yet. So, [James] hasn’t been back to the States [from her home in London] yet. I haven’t been into the studio yet….People are always going to disagree, but ultimately if you don’t agree, then the movie doesn’t get completed and released or it ends up being absolutely horrible because somebody says, “It’s my way or the highway.” And that never works.


(Plus, let’s not forget that the movie itself got terrible reviews. Though a drinking game to help make it palatable does remain popular.)

Well–now, you can throw all of that speculation and uncertainty and throw it out the window, because we’ve got official confirmation that both sequels are in the works. Fifty Shades Darker will begin filming in Vancouver this June. Both Dornan and Johnson will be back, and James’ husband Niall Leonard is going to write the screenplays for both. And, while there isn’t yet a director for the projects, it seems a safe bet that the massive success of the first film–which has made over $600 million worldwide–will be enough to lure someone good.

Universal Pictures is on record saying they want to make Fifty Shadesa Valentine’s Day event.” So, you can expect to see Fifty Shades Darker in theaters on February 10, 2017. Fifty Shades Freed will follow up on February 9, 2018.

Are you excited to see what the cast and crew do with the sequels? Did you prefer the novel to the first film? Do Dornan and Johnson fill you with lust…or bore you to tears?


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