EXCLUSIVE! The Bachelor’s Vienna Girardi divorce papers

Vienna Girardi is competing for The Bachelor Jake Pavelka's heart

Was Ali’s walk-out planned?

Contestant Vienna Girardi dropped a bombshell on The Bachelor‘s Jake Pavelka in Episode 2 of Season 14 of the popular reality competition show. Vienna told Jake that she was in a relationship with her pastor’s son for four years before breaking up with him at age 17. Her ex quickly married after the breakup and caught up in the emotional whirlpool Vienna also got married, eloping with a man she claimed she “didn’t even know.”

In a previous post we revealed that man to be Joshua William Riley. The two were married on September 6, 2005 at which point Vienna changed her name to Vienna Marie Riley. We just received a copy of the Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage, click the thumbnails to see larger images in the gallery:

There aren’t any shocking facts revealed in the document, but we do get some clarification on a few points:

1. Joshua was the petitioner and Vienna was the respondent

2. Both Joshua and Vienna are listed as being residents of the state of Florida for the previous six months. There has been some confusion because Joshua was reportedly in the Marines at the time and the couple is believed to have lived in North Carolina for a while.

3. As expected, “irreconcilable differences” is the reason given for the divorce.

4. There were no children as a result of the marriage. (There was always that chance!)

I’ve tried finding out more information on Joshua without much luck. Those common names can be a serious buzzkill when it comes to investigating!

Vienna Girardi

Meanwhile, Vienna seems to have alienated everyone on the show except Jake, who seems rather fond of her. Perhaps it’s due to editing but Vienna doesn’t seem to be as unpleasant as teh other women are making her out to be. What do you think?

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