Douche Bagazine: The Fashion Issue Perez Hilton’s, Chris Brown Fashion Fail & More!

Welcome to Douche Bagazine’s special Fashion Issue! Flipping through these virtual pages you will find the worst of the worst examples of fashion that contemporary douchebaggery has to offer!

Douche Bagazine The Fashion Issue featuring Perez Hilton Chris Brown Jon Gosselin

DOUCHE BAGAZINE – “The Fashion Issue”


Table of Contents


PAGE 2 Perez Hilton launches, a site dedicated to fashion and style. Check out Perez’s credentials in the Perez Hilton style gallery!

PAGE 3 Chris Brown wins the douchebag fashion homerun derby with the most unintentionally ridiculous (and completely douchey!) outfit of 2009!

PAGE 4 Ryan O’Neal was overwhelmed by grief when his partner of more than 20 years Farah Fawcett lost her long battle with cancer on June 25. Check out a gallery of his mourning attire and the hot blondes giving him solace.

INSERT Exclusive preview of Jon Gosselin and Christian Audigier’s new line of Ed Hardy shirts!


INSERT Cameron Douglas wows the fashion world as a centerfold in the current issue of Douche Bagazine’s sister publication Train Wreck Magazine! Check out the entire CamGlam line including specs, polka blouse and the dental accessory some folks will not be able to do without!