PHOTOS HOME TOWN Erin and Ben Napier welcome baby daughter Helen to the world

Back in late October, Erin Napier of HGTV’s Home Town shared a few eye-opening baby bump pics — and by “eye-opening” we mean her appearance was almost totally baby bump-free. At the time, Erin said it was the “first day of [her] third trimester,” and that she was “7 months [pregnant] exactly.”

We didn’t think much of that discrepancy at the time. It sounded like Erin was just starting her seventh month of pregnancy and had exactly three months to go until her due date. So we were quite surprised to see a handful of recent comments asking “Did Erin Napier have her baby?”, and were likewise shocked and delighted to note that yes, Erin and Ben are now the proud parents of their beautiful baby girl Helen!

Though it seemed for a moment like maybe Erin had meant to say she was *finished* with her seventh month of pregnancy, and had only two more to go, a recent explanation from Ben sorted us out. It seems Baby Helen, who was born at 6:00 AM on January 3rd, 2018, actually came two weeks early! Either way, we can confirm that mother and daughter and father are all doing just fine, thanks to the bounty of Erin Napier baby pics that she and Ben have shared!

Neither Erin nor Ben have shared any details about Helen’s birth — except for her height and weight, which we’ll get to shortly. First, here are the first photos Erin shared of the newest addition to the Napier family:

Helen ❤️

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And here’s the first photo set from Ben, which he shared the following day:

Here’s the first of what’s sure to be *many* touching updates from Erin featuring Ben doting over his baby girl:

And the pair’s first “If you need a good cry today” update (as if the answer to the question “Did Erin Napier have her baby” wasn’t yet enough):

Home Town fixture and Laurel Mercantile co-owner Mallorie Rasberry also got in on the fun — and the dad jokes 😉 — with a photo montage update, complete with a *great* shot of a beaming Ben in surgical scrubs holding his little girl for what might have been the first time:

A few days later, Erin found herself grappling with what has to be the hardest part of early parenthood: How do you even want to do anything else, much less actually do it, when your beautiful perfect baby is right there waiting for you to fall in love for the umpteenth time that day?

And Ben’s also made it very clear what he’ll be up to for the foreseeable future:

If y’all need me, I’ll be here.

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Finally, here’s one more shot of Erin and Ben’s little baby Helen, complete with one of the biggest (and most heartwarming) size differences you will ever see. It sounds like Helen was nineteen inches long and weighed six pounds at birth:

We’re a bit late in saying this, what with the post-holiday lag and total site overhaul eating up a good part of early January, but: Congratulations to Erin and Ben! And welcome little Helen! Laurel just became that much nicer a place to live 🙂

In slightly less baby-related news, Home Town Season 2 airs Monday nights at 9 PM on HGTV.

(Photo credits: Did Erin Napier have her baby via Instagram)

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