VIDEO Cringeworthy breastfeeding PSA gets talking baby concept wrong

The Louisville, Ky., mayor’s Healthy Hometown initiative has been trying to promote breastfeeding among African-American women in their community. One way they’ve gone about this is to create the following super-creepy and cringeworty ad featuring a talking baby with a computer generated smile and teeth that will leave you haunted for a long, long time.

Are you ready to get the heebie-jeebies from a, “Cute baby talking: You’re doing it wrong” spot? I thought so!

As the shirt says, this baby is a little cutie pie, until the creators insert the wild animation! Anywho, here’s what the baby had to say so I can at least help get the intended message out there.

“This is my mom and like all moms she only wants the best for me. That’s why she feeds me breast milk because breast milk is the best milk. Some people think that breastfeeding in public is nasty. But it’s not. It’s natural! And with hooter-hiders, slings and the old baby blanket over the shoulder technique mom can feed me anywhere. Speaking of which… Breastfeeding is good for your body and healthy babies are good for everybody.”

This is an important issue, but an ad like this may hurt more than it helps. But then again, it may have the Rebecca Black effect and be so bad that it’s good in that this clip is spreading like wildfire.

Source: Buzzfeed