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SKIN TIGHT BJ Hilton kicks off Season 3 with a change for the ages

The Skin Tight BJ Hilton episode that kicks off the show's third season treats viewers to the journey of a Texan minister with a loving family and a dedication to physical and spiritual well-being. How is BJ doing now? And what did he look like before losing weight and undergoing skin removal surgery? Read on for our before-and-after photo gallery!

SKIN TIGHT Tim Bauer is living his very best life, about to be married for the second time

The Skin Tight Tim Bauer episode featured a man so overcome with happiness and gratitude for the skin removal surgery he was about to undergo that he broke down in tears. Now, over two years later, Tim's life has only gotten better -- as evidenced by the fact that he's just a few months away from marrying the second love of his life!

SKIN TIGHT Lauana after surgery photo gallery of her amazing, ongoing transformation

The first-ever subject of TLC's Skin Tight is looking better than ever -- and she's got the pics to prove it! Our updated Skin Tight Lauana after photo gallery comes complete with Lauana's latest updates, in which she says she's come to terms with her scars, is learning to deal with the person she used to be, and continues to maintain a near-low weight level.