Brad Pitt assuages suicidal actor at Moneyball screening

At a special screening for the film Moneyball an actor revealed to the audience that he was struggling with suicidal thoughts and that the film gave him a renewed sense of hope. Star of the film, Brad Pitt, was in attendance and he showed why he’s such a sought out and beloved actor by going above and beyond to help console this obviously struggling young man.

Curious about the song the girl sings in Moneyball?

lenka moneyball song

Brad Pitt’s new movie Moneyball (based on Michael Lewis’ nonfiction book Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game) is getting Oscar Buzz and is Box Office Gold. The movie is artfully crafted and fascinates both baseball fans, and people who hate sports. At the heart it’s not really about sports, it’s about solving problems against formidable opposition, and being brave to fight to make a change in the world when you believe enough in the truth of something.

But the person who truly stole the movie (at least several parts of the movie) was 13-year-old Kerris Dorsey and her rendition of Lenka’s “The Show.

PHOTOS First look: Brad Pitt as Billy Beane in ‘Moneyball’

When I commented on Brad Pitt’s Robert Redford look on the red carpet at the Hollywood premiere of Angelina Jolie’s Salt, I completely forgot he was currently filming the baseball movie Moneyball, starring as Okaland Athletics manager Billy Beane, who is “The Natural” of major league managers! Thanks to a diligent photographer and a very powerful telephoto lens, we’ve got our first look from the set of Moneyball showing the Redfordesque Pitt chilling on the field in a dark polo shirt, tennis shoes, khaki pants, a small bandaid and a visor.