Catching up with Brooke Torres and Dana Adiva from True Life: I’m Too Beautiful

Brooke Torres and Dana Adiva

On Saturday, MTV premiered a True Life episode featuring two young ladies, Brooke Torres and Dana Adiva (Dana goes by a lot of names), who share the same troubling social problem… Both girls believe they’re just too beautiful and that their stunning looks are often a serious hindrance to happiness.

In case you missed the episode, here’s the teaser trailer that pretty much sums up where Dana and Brooke were coming from:

Brooke: “I’m not sure if it’s my face or the way I wear my clothes but no matter what I wear, it looks good.”

Dana: “People will stare at me no matter what and it’s the most irritating thing in the world.”

Brooke: “It’s great to be pretty and not ugly but if you think it will change your life, it won’t.”

During the episode Dana’s sister Nikki, who buys into Dana’s self-assured sexiness, suffers because of her sibling’s perceived beauty. Dana decides to help by daring to venture out without makeup while bringing sissy along – so all the attention wouldn’t be on her distracting radiance.

Brooke’s boyfriend was angry all the time because everyone was hitting on his too-hot commodity. Poor Brooke couldn’t help all the attention and her attractiveness was causing a major rift in their romance.

MTV caught up with the two alluring ladies to see how things have been going in their angelically appealing, while simultaneously difficult, worlds:

Brooke from True Life: I'm Too Beautiful
Brooke Torres from True Life: I’m Too Beautiful / Webstagram

Brooke – – Have you been going out with friends more often?
I have been going out with friends more often but I realized that having friends doesn’t make my life any easier. I learned to be happy with myself, and now, I actually appreciate the time I have alone. I have built a great relationship with Amanda, and having just her on my side still feels like I have one hundred friends. Nolan has been cool with me going out once in a while. I think he realized it isn’t so bad, letting me go out every so often. I think maybe now he actually likes his alone time.

Dana — Do you have any plans to go out with Nikki without makeup again?
After seeing the sneak peek of the show and seeing myself without makeup on TV, I probably will, because I like the way I looked.

Dana from True Life: I'm Too Beautiful
Dana Adiva from True Life: I’m Too Beautiful / Facebook

If you want to keep up with the day-to-day happenings for Dana Adiva, you can follow her via Twitter here or her official Facebook fan page here.

As for Brooke Torres, I did come across a blog she has called Million Dollar Mind here. On a post dated Jan 2, entitled “Ideas of the New Year,” Brooke shared some of her game plan for 2013 including:

• send pictures via email or mail to “magazines” just to see the feedback.
• Inventions (which will be a whole other post probably)
• Get another job somewhere fun or cool. aka, would want to go to work.
• I wanna look perfect at all times so great makeup and new face wash.
• OOO yeah. Video Documentary on the 1 thing you hate and love about being hot! that will be another post all together also. I’m gonna have so ugh fun with this(:
• My nails need to come off and painted perfect at all times. Bring the 1 paint with me for quick fixes.

Dana told MTV that sharing her story was the best experience of her life.

Top Image: MTV

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