Campaign ’08 – Senator John McCain

(From special correspondent/fight promoter Dawn King)

In this corner, wearing the blue suit and hailing from the great state of Arizona, is the Republican contender for the political heavyweight championship of the world!

John McCain

He’s the terrorism hatin’
Rush Limbaugh nerves gratin’
Campaign finance reform legislation creatin’
Multi-house owna
Four term senator from Arizona!

He’s the Obama bashin’
Naval plane crashin’
Keating Five money stashin’
Troop sendin’
Anti-pork barrel spendin’
Poor people get no pity
Former Chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee!

He’s the first wife cheatin’
Huckabee and Romney beatin’
New Hampshire voter meet and greetin’
Iraq war supportin’
Right wing conservative courtin’
take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’
Pentecostal pistol packin’ Palin pickin’
Republican Party nominee!

He’s so old he brought a Civil War musket to the Antiques Road Show and they told him how much he was worth.

He had DNA testing and found out Thomas Jefferson was HIS descendant.

He was tortured for 6 years as a North Vietnamese prisoner of war. (Not funny)

The 2008 Heavyweight champion of the Republican National Convention,
Senator John McCain

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