BUSTED! Photo of Kate Middleton sneaking booze into church?

Is Kate Middleton drinking alcohol at a St. Luke's Church charity event?

Potential future princess Kate Middleton is caught by photographers with what appears to be a bottle of wine at a Christmas charity event held at St. Luke’s Church in London December 1, 2009. The girlfriend of Prince William of Wales must have been a little bored with the formality of the Henry van Straubenzee Charity reception and decided to “juice” things up a bit!

Actually, I have no idea what she’s drinking. For all I know that’s what Sprite bottles look like in England. But, in support of my journalistic proclamation, she does look busted doesn’t she? And why would you pour Sprite into a glass? That is all the evidence and proof a blogger needs. Yeah, she’s drunk.

Photo: Fame Pictures
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