Bruce Campbell to star in Evil Dead TV spinoff

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Bruce Campbell, whose portrayal of lovable goofball Ash in the Evil Dead film series catapulted him to cult stardom, announced he plans to star in the movies’ television spinoff.

Series creator Sam Raimi took to the Comic Con streets last week to announce the TV deal. Raimi was in San Diego to promote the upcoming movie based on zombie apocalypse video game The Last of Us, which he will produce.

Raimi will co-write the TV series with his brother Ivan, a doctor in his spare time. Dr. Raimi co-wrote Army of Darkness, the third Evil Dead film.

Immediately after the announcement, fans flocked to Twitter to ask the man himself if he would star in the series:



Campbell last played Ash in the 2013 Evil Dead remake. He had just one line: his signature “Groovy.”

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