Britney Spears gets a tweet from Mars

As if her gig on X-Factor and a successful world tour wasn’t enough of an indication that Britney Spears’ career is on a serious upswing girl has went and got a tweet from outer space!

Back in 2000 the official music video for Spears’ smash hit “Oops!… I Did It Again” was set on the planet Mars. Brit-Brit thought she’d have a little fun with that fact and girl tweeted out to NASA’s rover Curiosity which sat down on the red planet back on Aug 5.

Before I continue may I just say the fact that said tune is 12-years-old is blowing my mind! Anywho… The tweet sent out into the vast void of space did not go undetected. Rover actually did a Martian holla-back at Spears with the following:

Back during Britney’s wild days some may have accused her of being from another planet. Now the sangin’ star gets tweet-outs from a planet closer to the nearest star than our own mother Earth. Take that h8rs!

Okay, so maybe the tweet didn’t actually come from Mars. Perhaps it’s just a NASA employee who wanted to flirt a little with Britney but either way that’s pretty freakin’ awesome!

Photo: Robert Button/