VIDEO Brandi Glanville tells Chelsea Handler to “Suck it” (and more) on What Watch Happens Live

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On a special Watch What Happens Live @SXSW last night, Brandi Glanville had some choice words for Chelsea Handler:

“Chelsea Handler was here and she sucked on your show! She was horrible! She wasn’t funny, it was completely awkward, and I saw the after show where she was putting down the housewives. Chelsea: suck it!”

When Andy asked if they knew each other, Brandi responded, “We know each other. We have the same gaygent (gay agent) and I made out with her lesbian and her assistant and her brother. So she hates me!”

The often-shocking comedian and late-night host , Chelsea Handler, herself appeared on Watch What Happens Live on March 5th and said she hated the housewives on the After Show. In the clip below, Andy says to Chelsea, “You’ve had every variety of housewife on your show,” and Chelsea responded, “No, I actually haven’t, because I think it’s sick. I mean, I know people are watching the show and they watch Bravo, but I think that franchise is kind of a terrible thing, and that women shouldn’t be making money off the fact that they have fake boobs and a fake vagina, so I actually don’t support that.”

Chelsea Handler Watch What Happens Live

Andy asserts that she has had “many” on her show, and Chelsea responds, “No I haven’t had one, I don’t even remember… not even Brandi Glanville. Bethenny Frankel.” Andy asks if she’s had NeNe Leakes, and Chelsea denies it, and Andy awkwardly points out that she was on her show last night. Chelsea says, “I wasn’t hosting; that was a guest host that booked her. I have control over my show and I make them go on when I’m not there so I can do your show.”

After Brandi taped Watch What Happens Live, she tweeted, “I think Chelsea Handler is funny most of the time, she sucked on WWHL and talked mad shit about the housewives on the after show. That’s it.” May I, for one, just say that I think it’s a shame that these two beautiful blonde man-eating ladies with dirty mouths and love for cocktails can’t seem to work it out!

Brandi Glanville drinking Watch What Happens Live

On the After Show, Brandi revealed that she has regrets about things she has said or done on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, that she loves Kim Richards now, and still really dislikes Faye Resnick and Adrienne Maloof. Of course, these were probably alcohol-induced confessions. Brandi even admitted that she was drunk at a Dallas book signing on Sunday, so clearly she’s not above having a good time on the job. Check out Brandi on the After Show below.

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