Both Paul Nassif and Adrienne Maloof claim they physically and verbally abused each other

Even though the audience saw them bicker on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, it was still a shock with Adrienne Maloof and Paul Nassif decided to divorce. New details are leaking that their marriage problems were far worse than we imagined. Their fights supposedly went much farther than the seemingly innocent picking we saw on the show.

During a hearing yesterday for the custody of their three kids Paul’s lawyer gave details of Adrienne’s alleged abuse:

During the hearing, Paul’s lawyer claimed Adrienne has pushed Paul and was also verbally abusive in front of their kids, calling him “stupid, dumb and an idiot.”

According to a declaration filed today, the couple’s head of security witnessed Adrienne hit and scratch Paul in the back of their car last summer … before Paul called her a “bitch.”

Later in court, Paul’s lawyer also said … while Paul was asleep one day, she went into his briefcase and removed a gun and then took a picture of it. He never explained why she did it but made it clear .. it was not kosher.

He aslo described an incident that happened this July where according to Paul, Adrienne downed 4 vodka sodas with grapefruit and then “went on a 45-minute rampage, physically and verbally demeaning him. He says she accused him of cheating and calling him a piece of s**t. Paul says Adrienne screamed he was a horrible dad, and repeatedly beat him in the face, chest and legs.”

TMZ also got their hands on a declaration filed by Adrienne Maloof that accuses Paul of being violent towards her AND the kids, and negligent with the kids.

She claims he has been repeatedly violent toward her, allegedly shoving her to the ground, pulling her hair and yelling at her.

She also said that he carries a gun, which could be dangerous mixed with his allegedly bad temper, and failed to evacuate the kids when their neighbor’s house (and Lisa Vanderpump’s former home) caught fire.

Of the alleged abuse towards the kids:

She claims he has thrown the kids onto the grass in a fit of rage, spanked them with their pants down, violently yanked their arms and hit them on the head.