A ‘Reality Bites’ TV show is happening!


When I heard there was a Reality Bites TV Show in the works, I felt giddy, but I quickly realized I would only enjoy this if it starred Winona Ryder, Janeane Garofalo and Ethan Hawke. That’s impossible because the show’s concept is still about recent graduates, but recent graduates these days are about 40, so maybe it can still happen.

The show, which will air on NBC, follows Lelaina Peirce, who will be played by someone besides Winona Ryder and that makes me feel sad inside, in early 90s Houston as she records her friends and tries to make it in the world.


Somebody get me on the phone with Winona, Janeane, and Ethan’s agents because if Ben Stiller doesn’t want to make it happen with them, maybe I’ll just do it myself. Maybe they can still make weird cameos. That would be awesome.

This is actually an amazing concept if it’s executed right. It will be nice to revisit and explore how young people slacked off, got distracted by their hormones, and dealt with the pressures of growing up and not being able to find jobs before Facebook and Google. There’s the added nostalgic touch of watching someone recorded their friends’ every move with a bulky film camera before technology made it possible for everyone to do that with mobile telephones smaller and lighter than a deck of cards.


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