Barnwood Builders’ Mark Bowe teases new episodes & offers a look behind the scenes

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Barnwood Builders fans looking for an update on the show’s progress (or just a little love from the cast) need look no farther than the show’s official social media accounts, which keep up the DIY tradition of über-friendly fan outreach and more than the occasional tease!

Texas Flip & Move fans are no doubt used to that show’s refreshingly down-to-earth treatment of its fans, and the Barnwood Builders crew is no exception. Host Mark Bowe and the accounts of the show itself keep up the shoutouts & love on the regular, sowing the seeds of goodwill all the while:

It’s increasingly rare to see such quick, genuine, personal interaction between the people responsible for putting together reality shows and the shows’ fans. And it’s especially unusual when the show in question is a tentpole for its network, something Barnwood Builders has been for years on DIY. Outreach of the sort that the BB crew does on the regular has to be taken as a testament to the show’s popularity, as well as the humility of everyone involved in making it.

Plus, as avid followers of the accounts are no doubt aware, it’s not unusual to get a peek behind the show’s curtain from time to time. For instance, Mark recently confirmed that work on Barnwood Builders Season 5 continues…

Back at it. #barnwoodbuilders #season5

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…as did the producers of the show, in typically heartwarming fashion:

Unfortunately, fans of Made With Pride, Mark’s other DIY show, are going to have to wait a little while longer to see whether they’ll get a Season 2. (Though it looks like at least part of the reason for that could be how time-consuming Barnwood Builders‘ filming schedule is.) During his towntime, it looks like Mark has been teaching his son a thing or two about a different kind of woodworking:

You can follow Mark on, and on Instagram here; you can also follow BarnwoodTV on Twitter here.

The show’s newest and most personal episode, dealing with the aftermath of devastating summer 2016 West Virginia floods, airs tonight. New episodes of the show continue to air Sunday nights at 8 on DIY.

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(Photo credits: Barnwood Builders cast Mark Bowe bio via Twitter)

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