VIDEO – Virgins featured on True Life: I’m a Newlywed

True Life “I’m a Newlywed” tonight follows Brett Williams and his fiance Laura Beth as they get married, but something’s a little different about this couple. They didn’t even kiss until their wedding day.

The clip below shows the young couple discussing their boundaries, which were set on the second date. They allowed themselves hand holding, and slight cuddling on the couch, but no lip puckering and definitely no sex!

Lots of commenters on the MTV site are accusing Brett of marrying Laura Beth just so he could have sex with her, but according to LB’s blog, her husband simply shared her values.

Laura Beth decided to do the show after she saw a message from MTV looking for engaged couples who haven’t kissed on her True Love Waits Facebook group. When she contacted them, they were ecstatic, but she consulted with Brett, her mother, and her pastor Brother Roger before she got back to them. Every one on her counsel told her she should do it to spread the message of their chaste decision. Brother Roger waxed clever when he encouraged LB to get her story “on a station where the M in MTV doesn’t usually stand for Morality.” It doesn’t really stand for Music, either. What does it stand for? Muscles? Manchild? Mayhem? Maybe Brother Roger knows.

If you have a few minutes, check out LB’s blog where she details life as a part-time tutor and full-time SuperWife. She cleans, she sews, she shops for deals and one of her biggest delights is making her new hubby Brett a delicious meal. Sometimes he treats her pretty good too. They seem like genuinely sweet kids who would be great candidates for Wife Swap, in case they ever want to continue their reality TV career.