VIDEO Jessica Simpson tweets vintage high school performance from A Chorus Line


The Throwback Thursday trend on Twitter is so hot right now and celebrity Jessica Simpson joined in on the fun yesterday when she shared a vintage video of herself performing in a high school musical production.

The 5 minute clip below features a seriously fresh-faced Jessica taking on the role of Cassie in A Chorus Line. What you get is pure high-school hilarity as Simpson belts out her song “The Music and the Mirror” in some seriously skin-tight pants and a red tank top.

Enjoy this wonderful little time machine courtesy of JS:

That was a serious show of dance moves including jazz-hands, high-kicks, sashays and turns. Simpson was Glee before Glee was cool y’all!

Just off the camera you’d probably see a dorky looking guy sitting in the seats daydreaming of a date with Jessica – that woulda been me… Ahhhhhh, high school.

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