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Mary Padian from Storage Wars Texas

Storage Wars: Texas returns to A&E next month and they’ve brought in two new faces — one of which you already met in Season 1! We introduced you to Jenny Grumbles in an earlier post and now we’ll get you familiar with Mary Padian. Mary has made a living off finding old stuff and making it amazing and has her own store, Mary’s Finds, which is filled with cool and unique items.  In fact, the off-beat cowgirl is so talented, she’s already caught the eye of one of her new co-stars!

Mary Padian and Moe on 'Storage Wars: Texas'Storage Wars: Texas alum Morris “Moe” Prigoff is a regular at Mary’s Finds and Mary is his go-to gal whenever he wants to transform his storage locker finds into something creative. (You might remember Moe visiting Mary during Season 1 – clip below) No one turns trash into treasure like Mary, which makes it fitting that she join the show. Fans are sure to be in for a treat when they get to watch Mary turn people’s abandoned merchandise into great pieces she can sell.

This pint-sized, Dallas native graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 2003 with a photojournalism degree. After a brief internship with D Magazine, she moved to New York City where she landed a job at Architectural Digest! During her stint as Assistant Editor at the mag, she created monthly videos which she called.. you guessed it, “Mary’s Finds!” In the videos, Mary would find affordable and unique home pieces, which I’m guessing weren’t from storage auctions.

After spending five years in the Big Apple, Mary was ready to get back to her life and family in Texas. She returned to Dallas and brought her dreams with her. Mary bought some retail space next to her uncle’s law firm, and just six months later, Mary’s Finds was open for business. The rest is history!

Mary Padian's store Mary's Finds

Mary’s Finds is located in the Design District on the border of downtown Dallas. In the store, you can find one-of-a-kind and refurbished furniture, home decor, and vintage clothing at affordable prices. Mary owns and maintains the store all by herself, which makes her quite the busy lady!

But don’t think Mary doesn’t know how to mix business with pleasure because that’s something she does (literally) by hosting “Paintin’ and Drinkin'” events at the store!

Storage Wars: Texas released the following statement about Mary:

“Whether diving in dumpsters or digging through storage units, Mary has an eye for potential. She has been a storeowner for two years. She began her business venture with the mission of turning everyday trash into beautiful furnishings to sell to local interior designers.”

Storage Wars: Texas made its television debut in December of last year to an impressive 4.1 million total viewers and averaged 3.8 million viewers for the remainder of the season. So, season 2 has a good bit of pressure riding on its shoulders!

Mary seems unflustered…

Bidder Mary Padian joins the cast of Storage Wars: Texas Season 2

Follow Mary Padian on Twitter and Facebook. Mary’s Finds also has it’s own Facebook page. To find out more about Mary’s store, check out her official Mary’s Finds website. I will warn you fellers, there is a serious risk of gettin’ smitten! (She uses Banksy graffiti in her logo for goodness sake! Brandi Passante has real reason to be concerned!)

Mark your calendars for August 15th when Mary and the cast of Storage Wars: Texas make their season 2 debut!

Storage Wars: Texas

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