Jenny Grumbles from Storage Wars: Texas is the owner of Uptown Country Home

Jenny Grumbles

A&E has just confirmed that it has green-lit the 2nd season of Storage Wars: Texas and one of the new bidders is artist and business owner Jenny Grumbles.

I gathered up some info on the new fish and let me tell ya partner, I like almost everything about Jenny!

UPDATE – We have the first official photo of Jenny shared by A&E on Facebook along with the caption, “Meet Jenny-The other new lady joining Storage Wars Texas! Don’t forget to watch August 15th when Season 2 Premieres!”

New Storage Wars Texas bidder Jenny Grumbles photo

Grumbles attended Southern Methodist University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts / Studio Arts. Here is Jenny’s official bio information from her official website for J Grumbles Studio. When you get the chance I encourage you to check her site out. Most of her original artwork is outstanding.

Jenny from Storage Wars: TexasJenny Grumbles grew up in southern California and spent her summers and college years living in Dallas, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia. Since obtaining a degree in journalism and studio art from Southern Methodist University in 2002, she has devoted her time to painting and founding the J.Grumbles Studio in San Diego. Jenny has been represented in galleries and shops in Atlanta, Dallas, Newport Beach, Palm Springs, Laguna Niguel, San Diego, La Jolla and Balboa Island. She also shows her paintings in her very own shop in Dallas, Uptown Country Home.

Since realizing her passion in painting in 1994, she has created an impressionist style with loose brush strokes and an emphasis on light and color. There is never black on her palette. Her subject matter includes everything from children on the beach, home interiors, florals, and commissioned work. Jenny attributes much of her success to her mentor, the renowned Claudia Hartley of Arizona, and to gallery owner, Anne Irwin, of Atlanta.

Jenny’s first solo show was in 2001 in Atlanta. She has participated in various shows including the J.Grumbles Studio’s West Coast Premiere in Newport Beach, California. She currently holds memberships in the California Art Club and the Impressionist Society of America.

Jenny also uses her creative skills to devote time to another passion: interior decorating. She spends much of her time rummaging through flea markets and antique stores to find objects to turn into treasures. She strongly believes decorating is an art and it is important for the home to be a place you never want to leave. She says this part of her life is inherited from her mom and grandma. Jenny’s mother, Fran, markets her designs under the ‘Frantiques’ label, which are included in the inventory of Jenny’s shop, Uptown Country Home.

Jenny’s current main pursuit is being the proprietor of Uptown Country Home. Here’s a photo of the front of the store taken from the Official Facebook Page for the business:

Jenny of Storage Wars texas business Uptown Country

Back in November of 2010, her school paper did a feature on Jenny in which she explains the gist of what it’s like running her business in Dallas. I think she could explain it better than I can so here we go:

♠♣♥♦ ♠♣♥♦

And here’s a snippet of the about us from Uptown’s site:

Uptown Country’s concept was born out of the owner’s desire to take the cozy cottage style and blend it with the more uptown tastes of today. Owner Jenny Grumbles and her mom, Fran Holley have created a shop which meets their goal seamlessly. Jenny, an artist, sells her beautiful commissioned work and paintings through the shop as well is in art shows around the Dallas metroplex. Mom, Fran Holley, has developed her own line aptly named “Frantiques”, a line of repurposed home accessories and furniture. Together, the two women are constantly brainstorming, re-inventing, and refurbishing the treasures they discover.

An easy-on-the-eyes artist who’s in business with her mom and knows how to rock a pair of cowgirl boots? Yeah, I think you could say I’m already a fan!

Jenny, along with the rest of the Lone Star State bidders will be hitting the small screen come Wednesday, Aug 15th at 9:00PM.