Dustin Hoffman helped save a London jogger suffering from cardiac arrest

The latest trend for Hollywood celebrities isn’t getting DUIs and going to rehab, it’s saving peoples’ lives!
Saturday Mila Kunis helped save an employee who suffered a seizure, and both Patrick Dempsey and Ryan Gosling have recently saved lives. Now Dustin Hoffman joins the ranks when he attended a London jogger who collapsed from cardiac arrest.

On his blog, 27-year-old Sam Dempster credited The Graduate star with saving his life by staying by his side after he fell and started foaming at the mouth while jogging in London, “calling him my newfound favorite celebrity.” Dempster originally thought Hoffman had been the ones to call paramedics, which wasn’t true, but the actor did stay with Dempster until help came, described in detail what happened to Dempster, and waited anxiously while they revived Dempster with a defibrillator.