America’s Next Top Model winner Lisa D’Amato shares gruesome facial injury pics


Lisa D’Amato, who won the all-star cycle of America’s Next Top Model in 2011, is recovering from a freak accident that has temporarily jacked up her photogenic face. Not one to keep things from her fans, Lisa shared some pretty intense images of her injuries via Instagram and Facebook.

Lisa explained the bizarre circumstances behind the accident which occurred after she completed filming of an indie movie called Cowboys and Indians. Let’s call this a handstand gone WAY wrong! Here is the first image via Instagram and I warn you it’s pretty darn graphic:

Lisa D'Amato facial surgery

“We were just kind of monkeying around. It was a totally freak accident. It wasn’t like we were doing back flips off the balcony.”

After posting the images many of her followers were understandably concerned about her overall well being. She followed with an explanation:

So it seems so many got really scared from those accident pics I posted. They are reAl but,… I am recovering very well. So well, that I’ll have no scars and look even better. Thanks to those that have been compassionate with heartfelt words of encouragement. I apologize if those pictures scared some of you, I was not trying to shock anyone but trying to keep it real on what is going on in my life. My life is an open book. I guess I’m a bit of a tomboy- not vanity obsessed so I’m not too concerned about showing the ugly part of life.

Model Lisa D'Amato face injury

I was not doing a crazy acrobatic move, it was quite easy actually- one I’ve done with a partner since I was a child. It truly was a strange freak accident. Truth is- sh!t happens! But I will be just fine and will jump right back into my career being better and stronger than ever! Thanks for all the kind wishes and concerns. See you in Thailand and the PHILIPPINES this February & will be gladly willing to show off my new Disney Princess face that Dr. Magic said I’d have after healing . Once again, I apologize if I scared you!

Just in case any of her peeps missed out on Facebook, she posted the following image there that showed the progression in the healing of her face following surgery.

Lisa D'Amato face Facebook

She wrote:

It’s only DAY 4 & look how fast I’m healing! I’m still puffy and all types of jacked up but the improvement is huge in just 48 hrs. #AMAZING #SURGERY #recovery now you guys don’t get to see my face & new nose till it’s perfect in a couple wks! Love you all and thank you with all my heart for the support. Day by day baby!

In addition to her modeling career, Lisa is also a musician in the rap, electro rap field having worked with LMFAO and Shwayze. She was also a cast member for Season 3 of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew in which she confronted issues with alcohol, marijuana, amphetamines, cocaine and mushrooms.

Lisa D'Amato before and after
^ Adriana M. Barraza/ | Instagram

D’Amato is in recovery from her horrific tumble and is looking forward to a honeymoon after having married longtime boyfriend Adam Friedman in September.

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