Amber Portwood made $280,000 from last year

Teen Mom Amber Portwood reportedly made 280,000 dollars in 2010

Despite rumors that MTV’s Teen Mom cast is pulling in $60,000 per season, Amber Portwood was forced to admit to a court that she garners much more than that.

She admitted to the court, after her lawyer first objected, that she makes $140,000 per six-month contract with MTV, and thus pulled in $280,000 in 2010. (If this figure stays true, she’s due to rake in at least another $140,000 in 2011.)

Amber spent a day in jail earlier this week for her felony assault charges against her baby’s father Gary Shirley. Before she was released Tuesday (December 28, 2010,) she appeared before Madison County (Indiana) magistrate court via a live video feed from her prison cell.

Via Herald Bulletin:

During the hearing, Portwood told Clase her occupation was a “television personality” and he asked her to reveal her annual income.

Her attorney, Kathleen Sweeney, responded, “I object.”

“You what?” Clase asked Sweeney.

Sweeney questioned the relevance of the question and Clase promptly overruled the objection, forcing Portwood to reveal that she makes $140,000 for a six-month contract with MTV.

I’m guessing cashing $140,000 checks (before taxes) doesn’t offer up much of an incentive to finally get that GED, or go to beauty school. Hopefully some of the money is going into an account to save for baby Leah’s future!