Amazon Tampa Baes cast names, bios, Instagram links and preview trailer

Amazon Tampa Baes

Amazon just announced that their new reality series Tampa Baes will premiere on Friday, November 5. The unscripted show will include eight episodes documenting “a young group of lesbian friends in Tampa Bay, an ever-growing gay hotspot on the Florida shoreline.”

In addition to the premiere date announcement, Amazon also released the first Tampa Baes preview trailer. “It’s almost time for a vacation to the Bae,” the video description begins. “Meet your new besties on #TampaBaes, coming November 5 to Prime Video.”

Here’s the preview trailer:

More on the show from the press release:

Meet the Tampa Baes: The young lesbian “it-crowd” navigating and celebrating life in Tampa Bay – Florida’s LGBTQ+ hub and the place to see and be seen. Always ready for an adventure or a good party, this group of loyal friends – and sometimes more than friends – is ambitious and unapologetic while constantly battling stereotypes and labels. With all eyes on these fun-loving women at this pivotal moment in their personal and professional lives, there’s not a challenge or hot-button issue they won’t tackle, even if it means getting real with each other.

Tampa Baes cast Instagram links & more

Tampa Baes features a large main cast that includes 12 women. We’ve got the full names for each of the main cast members, plus Instagram links and the official bios for each! I will crop the main promotional image into thirds and add numbers for reference.

Tampa Baes cast photos Instagram Ali Nelly Shiva Jordan

1. Ali Myers (28)
Instagram: @alimyers7

A Houston native, Ali moved to Tampa Bay six years ago to be with her girlfriend, Nelly. She has a successful career in real estate and loves experiencing different cultures, music, food, and travel. Date nights out are her thing. She sees herself as someone with a big heart, who is always laughing, and has a different mindset from the rest. She keeps her circle small, but if you’re in her corner, she’s with you 100%.

2. Nelly Ramirez (25)
Instagram: @nellyellee

Hailing from Queens, New York, proud Dominican Nelly has lived in Tampa Bay for most of her life. As an entrepreneur who runs a thriving business as a permanent makeup artist, her life’s motto is “The dream is free, but the hustle is sold separately.” She is loyal to her loved ones and goes above and beyond for anyone who enters her life. Nelly has a great sense of humor and likes to keep it real – she’ll always be direct with you. She sees the Tampa LGBTQ+ scene as a diverse, connected, wild, and loving community.

3. Shiva Pishdad (27)
Instagram: @ShivaPishdad

Shiva is a first-generation Iranian American who has lived in Tampa Bay her whole life. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of South Florida, where she’s now pursuing her master’s in management information systems and services. When she’s not donning a lab coat as a microbiologist, she’s partying on the weekends with a drink in hand. Growing up, she was known as the class clown and a social butterfly, which has stuck with her till this day. While she always means well, her tendency to be the go-to for gossip can sometimes land her in trouble.

4. Jordan Whitley
Instagram: @jayy_whit

Originally from Wilmington, Delaware, Jordan moved to Florida for nursing school as well as love – and while her romantic relationship didn’t last, her love for the Sunshine State did. The traveling ICU nurse is fiercely loyal to her friends and will go to great lengths to protect them. When the scrubs come off, the former NCAA Division I athlete enjoys staying active and hitting the drama-fueled Tampa Bay bar scene. Spreading awareness about mental health, social justice activism, and traveling are just a few of her many passions.

Tampa Baes cast names bios Instagram links Marissa Summer Cuppie Brianna Haley

5. Marissa Gialousis (30)
Instagram: @religiouslyrebellious

Born and raised in Tampa Bay, Marissa is a registered nurse in the COVID unit of a local hospital. She lives with her girlfriend, Summer, and is a first-generation American from a large and loving Greek family. Her friends, loved ones, and culture are very important to her. When she’s not working, she can be found spending time with them, even though they drive her nuts! If asked about the LGBTQ+ scene in Tampa Bay, Marissa will tell you, “She’s a messy bitch, but real fun!”

6. Summer Mitchell (29)
Instagram: @summerviixi

Originally from Jacksonville Beach, Florida, Summer moved to Tampa Bay to be with Marissa, whom she’s been dating for four years. Since moving to Tampa, she’s fallen in love with the city and its LGBTQ+ community. Summer is passionate, loyal, and can be described as strong-willed. She’s the friend that will always tell you to live in the moment, and her life’s motto is “Make it simple but significant.”

7. Cuppie Bragg (34)
Instagram: @cuppie_

Cuppie is a Tampa Bay native who has put her trauma-nurse career on hold to pursue a nurse practitioner master’s degree. When she’s not hitting the books, she can be seen bartending at a local strip club or at the gym, working on her physique. The gym has become an outlet for her mental health, helping her overcome the daily anxiety attacks that kept her from leaving her home. As the peacemaker of the group, she does her best to avoid drama, but sometimes the drama still finds her. Behind her hair-flipping exterior, Cuppie is a fun-loving person who doesn’t let judgmental people stop her from doing what she wants.

8. Brianna Murphy (29)
Instagram: @murphyenterprise

New York City-born, New Jersey-raised Murphy is a self-made entrepreneur who proudly lives in Tampa Bay with her girlfriend, Haley. As an animal lover, Brianna learned at a young age that she could earn money by bathing her neighbors’ pets. She grew to become business-savvy and has ventured into several different fields, including real estate, house-flipping, and investing. Murphy is known in the Tampa circles for being very direct, and for her “take no sh*t” attitude. Love her or hate her, she is always unapologetically herself. Everything that she’s achieved, she’s earned. Her life’s motto is “Don’t talk about it. Be about it.”

9. Haley Grable (28)
Instagram: @itshaloworld

When Haley came out at the age of 18, it was not well-received. After traveling to Tampa Bay with friends several times, she realized the LGBTQ+ scene was thriving and decided to make the move. Ten years later, she’s found a good support system with her girlfriend, Murphy, but still struggles with the challenges of feeling accepted by family and friends. It’s not easy being one of the most talked-about couples in Tampa! Haley has worked hard to become the person she is today and continues to learn how to accept herself and be comfortable with who she is. She aims to be an example that anything a man can do, a woman can do better.

Tampa Baes Melanie Olivia Mack

10. Melanie “Mel” Posner (27)
Instagram: @therealmelpoz

Inspired to start a new journey filled with sunshine, beauty, and opportunity, Mel moved to Tampa Bay eight years ago to pursue her career as an artist, and she quickly made a name for herself as one of the city’s top muralists. When she’s not creating custom artwork for various businesses, you can find her outdoors, traveling to different cities, and exploring various art galleries and museums. Mel has lived many lives and is incredibly proud of the obstacles she overcame to get her to where she is today. She loves the inclusivity of living in Tampa Bay, but feels that living in a city with so many members in the LGBTQ+ community can be overwhelming, because everyone knows everyone.

11. Olivia Mullins (24)
Instagram: @imoliviamullins

Olivia moved to Tampa Bay four years ago from conservative Alabama to make a life of her own. When she’s not bartending around downtown, you can usually find her at the beach with friends, or at home playing with her dogs. Whether she’s traveling or attending music festivals, she’s always meeting new people. Despite how drama-filled and messy the nightlife scene can be, Olivia always tries to be the voice of reason when things turn ugly. She’s always the life of the party, without all the drama.

12. Sarah “Mack” McKenzie (27)
Instagram: @mack___ddyy

Born and raised in Tampa Bay, Mack is a true local. When she’s not busy at her job in sales, she enjoys exploring the local art and music scenes, and podcasting, which helps her foster a community for creatives to be celebrated. Mack’s a firm believer in not allowing labels to define you, is proud to be a part of the LGBTQ+ community while being a Christian, and loves Tampa Bay for its diversity. She’s hoping this is the year she finds “the one.”

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