After POTUS plea denied, Amanda Bynes to prove innocence in court

Nickelodeon vet and Los Angeles County’s hell-on-wheels ambassador Amanda Bynes received no assistance from Barack Obama despite a Twitter plea in regards to her DUI charge. In response she’s decided that she’s gonna do it herself and prove her innocence in court!

Just because this is still my fav celeb tweet of all time here is Amanda’s direct request for Presidential intervention:

Bynes is looking at a a single count of misdemeanor DUI after she allegedly sideswiped an L.A. police car back on April 6. This went down not longer after girl refused to wait for another traffic ticket and sped off only to head to court later to pay up.

One would probably want to lawyer up if part of your DUI involves actually HITTING a cop car but according to sources with Page 6 Bynes has her own ideas in regards to her path to redemption. A source said:

“Amanda will have friends testify that she wasn’t drinking on the night in question and she can produce camera footage from locations she visited to back it up.”

From all accounts of the incident Amanda allegedly refused ye olde breathalyzer but later blew out a negative at the station. She has plead not guilty to the charges. While her “friends and video instead of The President” approach seems reasonable enough the source in question isn’t so sure:

“The real concern among her friends is Amanda’s state of mind. She doesn’t seem to grasp the severity of the situation. She seems out of it.”

One additional strange bit of info from P6 is that sources are also saying that Bynes is claiming to have a boyfriend that no one has ever met.

I guess we’ll find out how all of this plays out for AB on Monday when she’s scheduled to appear in court.

Photo: MeetTheFamous/WENN