90 DAY FIANCÉ Why Big Ed has his own face tattooed on his leg

Big Ed Brown has had a lot of controversies since he entered the 90 Day Fiancéverse, but one thing he hasn’t struggled with is fame. He seems very comfortable using his platform to sell himself, including on himself.

Last year Ed tried to launch a clothing line with his face on it called “Big Ed Wear,” but it’s currently caput. He’s also reportedly put stickers of his face all over San Diego, including on takeout containers at his fiancee Liz’s restaurant.

He also has a more permanent promotion of his own face: on his calf. Fans first spotted the cartoon tatto of Ed’s own face during a brief gimpse on The Single Life. People often get faces tattooed on their bodies, but it’s usually of loved ones or famous people they idolize. It’s very rare, even for narcissitic people, to get their own face tattooed on themselves.

Ed and Liz will be back for The Single Life Season 2.

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