VIDEO – 2010 Golden Globe winner Chloe Sevigny rips ruffled Valentino dress on stage

Chloe Sevigny gets Valentino dress ripped at Golden Globes

The look on Chloe Sevigny’s umbrella holder guy says it all.

Chloe Sevigny won a Golden Globe tonight for playing a sour fundamentalist polygamist Mormon who lies and complains all the time on HBO’s Big Love. In movies, she usually plays quiet girls with a seductive mystery, but none of them come close to the sullen storm of her Big Love character, Nicolette Grant (Nicki). Really, Nikki’s a terror, and until now we chalked it up to Chloe’s masterful acting skills, but it turns out she might have more in common with Nikki than we’d like to know.

Unfortunately, Chloe did little tonight to distance herself from Nikki. She complained on NBC’s pre-show that the red carpet should have a tarp because her ruffly Valentino was getting wet. Unfortunately for Chloe’s dress and her mood, she actually won a Golden Globe, prompting her to navigate her ruffles to the stage, where an usher stepped on her dress and ripped it. Her wet, beaten-down, and torn Valentino gave her the flusters, and she let out her best Nicki Grant snarl by snapping, “I can’t believe you just ripped my dress!”

Calm down Nicki, I mean Chloe, you just won a Golden Globe!

Watch the video below:

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